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Editorial: Bring on the new NAFTA

The refrain for Canada in the 2017 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) negotiations should be: bring on a new trade deal that opens markets, increases competition and sharpens innovative edges to compete internationally. It should not be hand-wringing and bowing in the face of the new American trade bluster and bullying as practised by the Donald Trump White House.

Restarting NAFTA negotiations should be embraced as windows of opportunity rather than closed trade avenues. There are many complexities behind the simplistic bombast of the Trump administration’s opening volleys targeting access to Canada’s agriculture market and its digital information landscape. U.S. victories in the former could be bad for farmers but good for consumers; victories in the latter could be bad for Canadian culture and domestic entertainment cultivation. But the U.S. push to reduce inter-country red tape, especially at the Canada-U.S. borders, should be embraced by both sides of the 8,900-kilometre borderline.

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