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Four Tips for Balancing Business and Pleasure During Your RV Trips

Just because your desire to hit the road is at an all time doesn’t mean your business can afford to come to a screeching halt, right?

Whether you’re new to the world of RVing or are a seasoned vet, balancing your workload and appetite for adventure can certainly be a challenge. That said, RVing arguably offers the ideal work setting for remote workers and telecommuters alike.

Think about it. Essentially having a vacation home-on-wheels means less worrying about finding spots to work or settling for a dingy hotel and actually working in a peaceful, comfortable setting. Not only that, but sometimes a trip to the great outdoors can be just the thing to refresh and rejuvenate you if you’ve been feeling cooped up at home.

Who says you can’t get work done in the mountains, after all?

Staying busy and productive during your RV trips essentially boils down to planning. The following four tips can help ensure that you don’t miss a beat next time you decide to hit the road and work simultaneously.

Make Sure Your RV is Well-Equipped

For starters, working while traveling is downright impossible unless your RV has the proper amenities. Between the need for Wi-Fi, a place to sit comfortably and enough storage space to keep your gear charged, the wants and needs of any given remote worker varies from professional to professional. Services such as Outdoorsy can clue you in on what amenities your rental RV has so you’re not blindsided when your trip finally rolls around.

Stay Connected

Having Internet access on the road is an absolute must but can obviously be a bit of pain when it comes to scoring a strong enough signal. Beyond your RV Wi-FI, also consider using your phone as a hotspot if you have a decent data plan. Furthermore, sites like Amazon sell wireless signal boosters if you know you’ll be staying at a campsite with Wi-Fi included.

Plan Out Your Travel Spots

If you know that you’re going to need to commit to certain meetings or deadlines, strive to plan your trip in such a way that those commitments don’t fall while you’re on the road. Having a dedicated day or two for working or just chilling out can help ensure that you’re not constantly battling against the clock.

Set Expectations with Your Clients and Coworkers

On a related note, you can also ease a bit of your stress by informing those you work with that you’ll be out of the office. Doing so not only represents a courtesy, but also can help your clients and customers understand why you might not be able to get back to them immediately. If you totally want to shut off communication, a creative out-of-office message is a playful way of letting people know that you’ll be getting back to them.

There are plenty of remote workers and telecommuters who run their businesses from the comfort of their RV, so why can’t you? Keep these tips in the back of your mind to ensure that you find that sweet, sweet balance between getting work done and enjoying your adventures.

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