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FAT CHANCEChinese kids are ‘too fat and masturbate too much to join the army’, government claims, adding they’re going BLIND from fiddling with their phones

YOUNG Chinese people are too fat and masturbate too much to be accepted into the army, according to state media.

In one city, 56 per cent of people who apply for the armed forces in China were rejected because of their poor diet and lifestyle, according to the People's Liberation Army Daily.

In some areas, one in five applicants were deemed to fat for a life in the military as army chiefs blame technology for the poor health of youngsters.

According to a report, the standard of health "is related to sitting too long on computer games, excessive masturbation and too little physical activity".

Chinese authorities believe that poor diet is a big part of the problem but also that frequent masturbation by young men leads to larger-than-normal testicular veins, and a resultant fall in fitness.

It also claimed 46 per cent of young people were failing the eyesight test during the application process.


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