25 November 2017 0 Comments Posted By : Karin Larsen

No frenzy here: Black Friday a chill event in Metro Vancouver

Maybe it's because online shopping has taken over.

Or maybe it's because storming the doors of the nearest big box outlet the morning after American Thanksgiving is really a south of the border thing.

Whatever the reason, Black Friday 2017 had a decidedly chill vibe in Metro Vancouver judging by the scene at the heavily promoted door crasher sale at Best Buy in Metrotown where a store employees had to encourage customers to  "c'mon in guys" after throwing open the doors at 6 a.m. PT.

After a moment of hesitation the first customer in line did break into a leisurely jog, creating just a hint of a frenzy. The remainder of the lineup, however — about 25 people — strolled in calmly behind him. 

According to the publication Retail Insider, physical stores in Canada have seen a substantial drop in Black Friday activity while online shopping has increased steadily since 2013.

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