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Caught on cam: Thief smashes through front door of Vancouver store

VANCOUVER, Wash. -- The owner of a Vancouver MetroPCS store is cleaning up after a man smashed his way through the front door and stole over $3,000 worth of cell phone accessories. 

“I got a call from the alarm company asking if they should send the police because there was an alarm going off,” said owner Aaron Allina of the incident, which happened Saturday morning at the store off of Fourth Plain Boulevard and Fairmount Avenue.

Security footage shows a suspect breaking through the glass front door to gain access.

“He wastes no time in throwing a cinder block,” said Allina as he showed KGW video of the incident.

Cameras in a different part of the store showed the suspect rifling through boxes and taking cell phone cases, blue tooth speakers, and other accessories.

“You sit here and watch somebody come in to your business you’ve worked really hard to build, and then they just take stuff,” Allina said. “That’s the money we need to survive.”

Keeping relatively lighthearted about the situation, Allina noted that the burglar “managed to eat a donut as well while he was back there.”

According to Vancouver Police the suspect, 35-year-old Kelvin Stuart, was arrested on Fourth Plain after neighbors spotted him breaking in to cars. Police said Stuart is a transient.

While Stewart is in jail, Allina said, the merchandise he stole hasn’t been located. “It’s hard. People think business owners make a ton of money.”

He said he’s also dealing with repair costs associated with the door that Stewart allegedly smashed. It’s not the first time something like that has happened, either.

“We’ve had somebody throw a brick through our window. Within two weeks, we had two windows broken for attempted burglary. So it just gets expensive,” he said. 

While Allina says he feels violated over the incident, he hoped for a positive resolution for Stewart. “Hopefully he’ll get some help,” said Allina. “Hopefully he can get help and be a better person.”


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