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Retail, hospitality companies recover from wildfires

Rajinder Singh returned home to Cache Creek in mid-July after a two-week evacuation to nearby Kamloops, when an Ashcroft-area fire was bearing down on her community of slightly more than 1,000 people.

The good news was that the 18-suite Robbie’s Motel, which she manages with her husband, Inderjit Singh, was still standing. Smoke, however, continued to choke the air and no tourists were keen to spend time in the area – even if they were able to get there.

“We have insurance but I don’t know if we’re going to get any money,” she told Business in Vancouver. 

“We just don’t know yet.”

Taylormade Cakes and Sweets owner Brenda Taylor finds herself in a similar situation.

Taylor’s bakery first had to shut down for a couple of days in July because road closures kept her family from returning to Williams Lake from a family reunion at Anahim Lake. They then had to evacuate for about two weeks on July 15.


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