Vancouver's construction community rallies behind business destroyed by fire

Peter Spotzl has many challenges ahead of him as he rebuilds his business, which was destroyed by fire on Wednesday morning.But as word spread that he’d lost the building that houses Metal and Wood Products near Olympic Village, he learned he wouldn’t be alone in forging a path forward.“There’s been such an outpouring of support,” he said Thursday morning. “It’s been amazing, absolut [...]

06 October 2017

Professional reliance model under review

When drinking water from the Hullcar aquifer near Armstrong became too polluted to drink, and a nearby dairy farmer was required to pay for a soil test to determine if the pollution was coming from manure, local residents were astounded when the government refused to release the findings of that study. The B.C. government claimed releasing the information would be a violation of copyright law, si [...]

04 October 2017

B.C. Supreme Court rejects condo-building sale attempt

A group of condominium owners won a huge court victory over their neighbours September 21 when BC Supreme Court Justice Warren Milman dismissed an attempt by a larger group of owners to wind up their strata corporation and sell assets to a developer. Milman ruled that the strata corporation at Bel-Ayre Villa, at the corner of West 10th Avenue and Burrard Street, did not follow the process set out [...]

03 October 2017

B.C. is going to pot – are we ready?

Will cornfields and greenhouses that now grow tomatoes and cucumbers give way to marijuana crops on farmland in the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) in Delta?Will entrepreneurs in B.C. be able to grow and sell artisanal marijuana brands, much like craft brewers sell beer, or will the B.C. government monopolize pot sales through government-controlled cannabis stores?These are just some of the questi [...]

03 October 2017

B.C. boardroom battle nets defamation suit against directors

Three B.C. investors face a potential boardroom booting later this month in a dispute with the co-founder and CEO of Vancouver-based Payfirma.The boardroom battle has already resulted in a defamation suit and legal efforts to stop a special shareholders meeting. “How did it come to this?” asked Richard Powers, a corporate governance expert at the Rotman School of Management at the Univers [...]

02 October 2017

Retail, hospitality companies recover from wildfires

Rajinder Singh returned home to Cache Creek in mid-July after a two-week evacuation to nearby Kamloops, when an Ashcroft-area fire was bearing down on her community of slightly more than 1,000 people.The good news was that the 18-suite Robbie’s Motel, which she manages with her husband, Inderjit Singh, was still standing. Smoke, however, continued to choke the air and no tourists were keen to sp [...]

27 September 2017

Regulators push fintechs to clean up cryptocurrencies

Four years ago, “cryptocurrency” or “blockchain” would have been met with investor suspicion or confusion.The tables have since turned, however, and the increasing eagerness of businesses to cash in or raise capital through digital currencies is pushing Canadian regulators to act.“Bitcoin was essentially a dirty word until recently,” said Axiom Zen CEO Roham Gharegozlou, whose Vancouve [...]

27 September 2017

Editorial: City of Vancouver needs renewable reality checks

Vancouver’s Renewable City Strategy (RCS) needs a companion initiative to aid long-term city business viability: a Retainable Enterprise Imperative.The latter would provide real-world reality checks to balance city hall climate control theory so that companies can continue operating in the aspiring Greenest City in the World, where business survival rates will inevitably come under increased pre [...]

25 September 2017

Women in Business: Daycare dilemma

In 2009, shortly after Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers moved into its new building in Burnaby, it did what many companies dream of but few manage: opened an on-site child-care centre. The decision arose from an employee survey asking what amenities they would most value in their new space, says Megumi Mizuno, the company’s director of human resources.When the question of child care was raised, the cho [...]

21 September 2017

Greyhound suffering “unsustainable” losses on passenger service

Greyhound Canada lost $12.9 million on its passenger operations in British Columbia during the last fiscal year, the company said in a rationale for its application to the Passenger Transportation Board seeking, in part, elimination of the service in northern B.C.“These ongoing losses are unsustainable,” the company said.The carrier wants to eliminate service along the entire length of Highway [...]

16 September 2017

Another LNG project bites the dust

Another large liquefied natural gas project planned for B.C. has been cancelled.Nexen, owned by China’s CNOOC Ltd. (NYSE:CEO), announced today Sept. 14 that is is calling a halt to the feasibility study that was underway on its Aurora LNG plant on Digby Island in Prince Rupert.As recently as July, the company had restarted an environmental review for its Aurora LNG project.But the company announ [...]

15 September 2017

Chinese Ambassador Blames Media For Friction in Canada-China Negotiations has been following up on Canada-China relationship which received a renewed attention following the visit of the Canadian Prime Minister to China and a return visit by the Premier of China in 2016. The visits from both parties led to bilateral talks to improve trade and economy between the two countries. The third round of explanatory talks to begin formal negotiations for a free-tr [...]

14 September 2017 Helps Support Canadian and Chinese Business Partnerships

Canada has always been regarded as a place filled with endless opportunities for both the Aboriginals and foreigners alike especially the Chinese. It is also a country known as being ideal for the establishment of business entities. However, there has always been a problem when it comes to spreading the good news about Canada to the rest of the world. This trend of Canada always getting wrongly [...]

14 September 2017

Canada China Trade Relations: Who Gains?

Starting from the fall of 2016, there has been a renewed call for the strengthening of the Canada-China trade relations. In October 2016, a group of powerful Chinese business leaders known as China Entrepreneur Club (CEC) paid Canada an eight-day visit in a bid to connect with Canadian political and corporate elites. The group was made up of 50 Chinese firms with combined annual revenue of more th [...]

14 September 2017

First property management franchise aims at residential

U.S.-based Real Property Management (RPM) has chosen Vancouver as the headquarters for Canada’s first property management franchise business and it plans to develop a tight team of franchisees to build its network.Kap Hiroti, vice-president of operations, has already signed up three franchises in Metro Vancouver and Victoria since opening earlier this year.RPM has set up on West Pender Street in [...]

07 September 2017

B.C. retail, restaurants, bars boom in June

B.C. retailers posted another blowout month in June, with sales rising for a fourth consecutive month. Sales surged 1.9% to a record $7.15 billion in June, compared with a countrywide increase of 0.1%. Year-over-year growth accelerated to 12.4% from 10% in May, lifting first-half sales growth to 9%. Excluding B.C., growth in the rest of Canada was a more modest 6.6% over the first six months.Stron [...]

06 September 2017

Record B.C. wildfire year has many small businesses teetering on the edge

Hilltop Gardens Farm hasn’t been burned out, yet the family business for more than 60 years is still feeling the heat from the worst summer on record for wildfires in the province.“We were hoping this year would be our year,” said Jewel Rice, who owns the farm along with her husband Mike Rice.The 112-acre operation near Spences Bridge has more than 3,000 fruit trees and also grows tomatoes, [...]

02 September 2017

Lululemon beats earnings expectations

Lululemon Athletica Inc. revealed both sales and profit that topped analyst expectations after the closing bell August 31.The Vancouver-based yogawear manufacturer and retailer (Nasdaq:LULU) generated a fiscal second-quarter profit of US$48.7 million.That translates into a profit of US$0.36 per share, or, when adjusted to remove non-recurring costs, US$0.39 per share.Analysts had been expecting th [...]

01 September 2017